Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

It is Friday the 13th...

The good part is, I've made it to Boise. Actually, most of the trip was smooth. I managed a seat change for the Atlanta-Denver leg out of a middle seat to an aisle. No screaming babies. Flights on time, so I had time to wander a little in Denver to explore Concourse B (new to me except for stopping at the center food area on the way to C), got lunch to carry on the plane, and hiked down to the commuter plane area on the end. Baggage was prompt, the rental car clerk was helpful about adding Krissi as a driver when she gets here tomorrow (I can pull into the rental car lot and tell them I'm picking someone up, avoiding airport parking), and hotel clerk was good about changing the reservation to one night, skip a night, then return Sunday for a 5-night stay tax-exempt. She thinks she even set it up so I'll keep the same room--great, because I like the location of this one.

The temperature is 104 ("feels like 100"), but that's OK.

No, the bad part was the beginning. While looking for a space in the parking deck at the Atlanta airport, I saw a puff of steam/smoke at the hood of my car. And then another. And then saw the engine temperature was at max. I hurriedly grabbed a space and opened the hood--no surprise, there's a radiator or hose leak. It was too dim (and I'm no mechanic) to spot the exact point of the leak, and besides I had a plane to catch. I figure the only thing to do is call AAA when I get back and deal with it then--don't know if it will be possible to figure out an emergency patch to get me home (35 miles), or if I'll have to get a tow to a repair shop. On Friday afternoon, late. Well, at least the radiator will be nice and cool by then...

But that's for next week. I'm cooling off with some ice water, then will go in search of a store for a cooler, water, and ice for the Craters of the Moon excursion. Next will be dinner someplace--maybe I'll wander in the downtown district and just pick a spot, having failed to get a recommendation out of my local contact. Then I'll figure out my sightseeing for tomorrow before I need to pick up K. at the airport and we head to Twin Falls.
Tags: travel

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