Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Idaho, day 2

It's getting late, we're getting up early, and I'm sharing a room with Krissi tonight and she started out rather early this morning on Eastern time. This will be short!

I explored the hotel neighborhood a little yesterday afternoon, finding the Fred Meyer store (a sort of minor department store crossed with a grocery--not quite the same merchandise mix as a Wal-Mart Supercenter or Super Target in my part of the world.) Bought a soft-sided cooler and water for the trip. Last night I wandered downtown for a bit, then ended up eating at what seems to be regarded as the best Chinese restaurant in Boise, Jen Ching. Didn't really explore the menu--they had appetizer specials of BBQ pork steamed buns and shrimp har gow, so I asked for one of each and made dinner of that. Then I drove over to a Barnes & Noble and picked up a copy of Roadside Geology of Idaho (I've got various other books in this series, and they are good).

I started out this morning by skipping the free breakfast at the hotel in favor of another "Best of Boise"--Goldy's. I got a half order of Eggs Benedict and a blueberry scone. Great Egg Benedict, but the scone was not what I call a scone, being crisp like shortcake and smothered in too-sweet icing. I wandered through the Saturday market as the vendors were setting up, then headed to the hotel for a quick stop. Then it was off to remind myself of the route to the office for ease of Monday morning's navigation, and from there to the Idaho Botanical Garden. That was mostly disappointing--first it's not a great time to see things in bloom here, and then the gardens for the most part are rather lacking in interpretation and maybe in planning. The exception is the year-old (and a little raw, still) Lewis & Clark Native Plant Garden--when it has grown in a little it looks to be very nice.

After about an hour there, I moved next door to the old Idaho Penitentiary--not normally something that would attract me, but it was there and the buildings looked interesting. Several interesting exhibits on the prison or prison life (like prison tattoos), plus a few random historical exhibits clearly housed there for convenience (Idaho transportation, and something on electricity that I declined to look at). I then took a look at the Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology also housed in a building in the old Pen, but it wasn't open yet. Decided not to wait, went and bought a sandwich, and returned to the hotel.

I picked up Krissi at the airport at 2:30 or so and we got on the road to Twin Falls. That was a nice drive--lots of interesting geology (flood basalts, buttes, the Snake River canyon, and Malad Gorge for examples) and a good many water-use sights. As we got to Twin Falls we stopped at the pull-out for the bridge over the Snake River gorge. It's a BASE jumping site, though we didn't see any parachute jumpers in action. Found our hotel and unloaded the car, headed to the Visitor's Information Center for literature, then to Outback for dinner. After dinner we drove over to Shoshone Falls, which were very impressive. Higher than Niagara, and quite a lot of flow--unusual for this far into the irrigation season, I gather. These are not actually the "Twin Falls" of the town name--those are smaller and further upstream.

And that's the day. We're trying to get on the road to Craters of the Moon shortly after 6 in the morning. We'll see....
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