Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Back from the zoo

I'm back from the San Diego Zoo visit, and it was wonderful! Write-up will have to be later though, as I joined my work compatriots for a dinner excursion that went a lot later than I wanted to be out and I need to go to bed.

The dinner excursion involved a caravan of 3 vehicles to Pacific Beach, struggles to find parking during which one car got separated and we never met back up with them, a longish walk on the beach to satisfy those who wanted exercise (I'd had plenty at the Zoo, but...), then a longer search for a place to eat that met mixed requirements. Lynn needed either a patio seating so he could keep his dog nearby, or would take her back to his car. Linda wanted "grab and go". Chuck and Ron weren't sure they wanted to eat at all for the sake of their waistlines, but as it got late, they got hungry. Nobody wanted fancy, but nobody wanted fast food. John wants cheap (he'd have accepted the fast food options.) We eventually found a Pizzeria Uno with a patio, made a few remarks about coming to San Diego to a) eat in a chain restaurant and b) eat Chicago-style pizza, and had dinner about 8:30 PM. Add in a rather circuitously navigated route back to the hotel, and we didn't get back until almost 10. If tomorrow's dinner plan is similar, I'll opt out and walk to something near the hotel.
Tags: gwug, san diego, travel

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