Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

More San Diego

And it's been another lovely day in San Diego, though with unusual (I gather) clouds in the morning and evening. Temps are in the mid-70's, cooling to the 60's after sundown. My supervisor called today (wanted permission to give my personal cell number to a co-worker who flew in for the meeting today) and said Atlanta was in the 90's with thunderstorms to keep the humidity high. I'll take SD even with clouds.

Meeting went smoothly today, or at least, the debates that went on are not so much my concern as the ones last week and the week before, so I could put in my 2¢ but not get all that worked up about it. A nice surprise this morning was the appearance of Gail, who retired from USGS 3 or 4 years ago and who served on this committee for years. She's from Sacramento, so I didn't expect to see her this week. She said hello and then departed for the zoo (we were sorry we didn't compare plans--she would have come down yesterday and joined my zoo expedition if she'd known about it), and reappeared in time for happy hour. That was great--she commandeered an end seat and put me on one side and Linda on the other, and we all caught up with families and work and retirement discussions and books read and her travel plans.

After that session broke up, most people wanted a little activity--beach walk, bicycling, something. The bicycle plans were thwarted as the hotel won't let their bikes out near dusk. I ended up with Linda and Todd in search of a beach walk, but we were thwarted first by the closure of Fort Rosecrans Military Reservation at 5 so we couldn't get to Cabrillo Nat'l Monument, then by finding that Sunset Cliffs Park is cliffs, not beach. (Doh!) But we got a nice view of the sunset from the cliffs, walked down some steep steps most of the way to the base of the cliffs and watched surfers timing their landing on the rocks so they could dash to the steps before the next wave, then drove a little along Sunset Cliffs Blvd. speculating at the prices of the cliff-front houses. Also speculating on the rate of the cliff migration, which will eventually get those houses...

Anyway, it was very pleasant, and much better timing for dinner and exercise for my preferences than last night. Tomorrow we are having sandwiches brought in for lunch to have a round-table discussion with any of the local office staff who are interested, and after work most of us are going on a harbor cruise/tour. Only an hour--my predilection for sea-sickness should hold off that long in protected waters. I hope.
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