Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

WW, week 23

Another "basically no change" week--a loss of 0.2 pounds, for a total of 32.4. Having had a couple of less-well-controlled meals the two nights before my weigh-in Sunday afternoon, I'm not surprised. And then I ate out again Sunday night. I'll need to deal with weekends like this in order to keep the weight off--try to not be too bad while eating out, and then get back to the diet right afterwards.

A couple of notes on the eating: Friday night was the retirement party, with fajitas and fixings. I kept the amount down, avoided the fried flautas, minimized rice and beans, and only got a couple of sopapilla bits for dessert.

Saturday, brother and sis-in-law got a baby sitter, and the four adults went to Woodfire Grill--one of several very nice restaurants on Cheshire Bridge Road, in among the strip joints. I got the roasted half chicken with "garlicky steel pan greens". The chicken was good, and the greens (collards, I think) were wonderful. And lots of them, too, which helped me not eat all the chicken. Oh, and I took a couple of bites from the cheese plate sis-in-law got for dessert.

Sunday we all (including the kids) went to the new Crescent Moon at Northlake Mall--the one in Decatur has been a favorite spot for a long time, and now there's one a little closer and with easier parking. (The Decatur one has been the site of several MiniLoisCons, as filkferengi and joyeuse13 know.) The Northlake version has the same menu and decor, but there are more large tables, which made it easier for our group of 7 to get seated. I at the half rack of ribs (having saved points at lunch in anticipation), with salad and collards.

With all that, I don't think I used any flexpoints, though on Friday and Saturday I had been to Jazzercise and used some exercise points. While I can't get a lot of the luscious-sounding high-fat entrees (or desserts, of course), I can eat out and eat well, and stay within the WW system.

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