Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

San Diego, last day

Last day of the meeting went well--the sticky issue of earlier in the week has been put aside for brainstorming on later, so we prioritized lists of things, looked at a demo or two, and had some general discussion on how the group has been functioning. After leaving the office, most everyone assembled at the hotel bar for a happy hour, and Bill A., head of the program office that sponsors this committee, joined us--he'd been in the meeting off and on, as he's based here in SD.

Eventually a group of 7 of us set off for dinner, and ended up at Bali Hai, a Polynesian restaurant on Shelter Island, close to the hotel. Despite tourist-trap decor, the food was quite good, though neither my entree (grilled pork loin with an orange-hoisin sauce) nor dessert (macadamia nut brownie with coffee gelato) was exceptional. Maybe 'perfectly acceptable' is better for the food descriptor. The view was again wonderful--another angle on the SD harbor, as dusk settled in and the downtown lights came on across the water.

We dropped Chuck at the airport, as he's taking a red-eye flight out tonight. The rest of us dribble out over tomorrow morning--I have a 9:15 flight, and will catch the hotel shuttle to the airport around 7:30.
Tags: gwug, san diego, travel, work

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