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People! Coming to my house!

Real, non-family sorts of people, too!

I volunteered to hold a neighborhood association meeting at my house, after cramming into someone else's small living room full of furniture and people at the last one. I have the Weird Room (see the floorplan if you're curious) with a broad expanse of floor across which I can spread the dining chairs, 2 sets of card-table chairs, and the 3 breakfast bar chairs. (All I have in the Weird Room is my dining table, piano, and a small desk.) The piano bench could also seat 2, and if more than that show, we can spill into the living room which has several movable chairs. But I really don't think it will come to that--I'm guessing there were 15 at the last meeting. The neighborhood is only 121 houses total, and the agenda doesn't look too exciting.

So, lots of straightening has been done, several long-delayed tasks completed, and a good bit of "throw it in a pile out of sight" will happen tomorrow just before the meeting (which starts at 7). Cats will be confined to my bedroom for the duration. Must fetch extra card-table chairs from next door when I get home from work, spread some snack food and brownies out for munchies, and then see who shows up.

This is good practice for me, the hermit, and got some needed cleaning done in prep for October when I have agreed to host the Atlanta monthly housefilk. That will be more interesting than the neighborhood meeting in terms of 'who shows up', as I think I've made it to two or three housefilks ever, despite being a regular at GaFilk. Probably will be fewer people than the neighborhood meeting, anyway.



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Aug. 18th, 2007 06:12 am (UTC)
Woot! [ramps up anticipation & evil plan to make spouse load chairs.] Be sure to let me know what to bring.
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