Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber


Well, the neighborhood association meeting Wednesday had 20 attendees, who all fitted in the Weird Room without a problem. And while I perched on the kitchen stool, I still had one chair from the living room and another stool that could have been pressed into service, so seating was OK. If the A/C had just been able to overcome the day's 100-degree high and get the house cooler than 80+, I'd have felt it went extremely well. The kitchen was admired (a couple of people told me they came to the meeting to see the kitchen), the brownies and blondies were munched upon, and the usual rants about various zoning/development/etc. issues occurred. As I'm either on the fence (about a proposed large development that involves selling property owned by the school system) or on the opposite side (on commuter rail) from the majority of those at the meeting, I was pretty silent during the actual meeting. Except for the lapse of judgement when I agreed to produce the biennial neighborhood directory. Anyone got a database set up for such a task?

But now it's Friday, and I'm packing for a weekend trip to my father's while waiting on the cable guy. The cable guy is to rewire the TV connection to allow full access to the digital cable package that they upgraded me to "at the same rate as you are currently paying". Which means I should have paid attention and switched to a cheaper plan a while ago given my extremely low usage of the TV, but I'm getting the digital instead. <g> It's mostly working already except for the "On Demand" stuff that I don't use, but if this gets me a new wiring job on their penny I figure I'll let them go ahead. When that's done and I've been to Weight Watchers, I'll hit the road.
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