Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Rest of the Labor Day weekend

Let's see...Saturday was the Decatur Book Festival. Sunday was catch-up-in-the-house day. But then, today was too. There's always a backlog in the house.

Saturday night I did tackle repairing the grout in my shower, where a small area suddenly showed what might have been a bit of backer-board sticking out. This is another of these tasks that are better done by those more obsessive-compulsive than me--I've got new grout in the area (and in assorted other cracks and holes that I discovered in both bathrooms once I started looking), but it's not, shall we say, an elegant job. However, now I can't get the patches wet for 48 hours, and that means no showers at my house. After the extra-long Labor Day Jazzercise class plus some outside cleanup this morning, I showered next door.

I did have a small orgy of cooking and baking for some reason. Grilled barbecued chicken last night. Baked a baked blueberry French toast dish for this morning's breakfast, and Oatmeal Cornmeal Blueberry Bread for some future breakfasts. Finally tried the No-Knead Bread that swept through the cooking world this last year, using Rose Beranbaum's version for a half loaf. It worked, in the sense that I got a loaf of bread with no kneading. But the crust tastes rather like a saltine cracker--not quite what I want in fresh-baked bread. Probably worth experimenting with, given how little working time it takes to make bread this way, though.

What else? Oh, a good bit of house cleaning, because my contractor from last summer's kitchen renovation asked if she could bring some clients by who are considering using the cabinets I did. Very nice gay couple, who turn out to know my sister-in-law well from their synagogue--she was the treasurer for the congregation last year. I note that convincing a non-geologist that the kitchen counter is a natural stone can be difficult...

And I've run errands both days, but somehow didn't get to CVS before the pharmacy closed today to pick up the prescription that ran out this morning. Will have to swing by on the way to work tomorrow so I can take the pill.

Pretty quiet Labor Day...
Tags: baking, cooking, house

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