Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

I have to be packed by WHEN??!!!

The office is getting new paint and carpet, which it has long needed. (The carpet was already looking a little ratty when I transferred here in 1994.) The plan of attack is to do it in zones--the first zone packs their stuff, the paint-and-carpet people move all the stuff to one area in zone 1, paint and carpet the empty area, move the stuff to the newly done area, paint and carpet the rest of zone 1, then move on to zone 2. Zone 1 people then unpack and pass their boxes along to people in zone 2 or 3. There are 7 zones total, then the hallways will be done last.

Each employee (unless high enough up the food chain to be able to command peons to assist) must pack their own area. The computer unit will do the phones and computers, but the rest--all books, papers, contents of desk, contents of lateral filing cabinets, everything except contents of front-opening filing cabinets--must be packed yourself. Then everything including furniture must be labeled with your phone extension number (in lieu of office numbers), your office door must also be labeled with this number, and a map of how your furniture should be replaced must be drawn and posted on your office door as well.

Zones were estimated to take 2 weeks, and they were to start today. Oh, and you were to plan to be out of your office for those 2 weeks--either do field work, work from home, or use one of the computers set up in a common area. That was the plan. Actually, the contractor showed up today, will start work on Wednesday, and plans to finish zone 1 this week. (Zone 1 is small.) The first zone 2 folks might get done on Friday, another block must be packed by noon Monday, and the rest of zone 2 by noon Tuesday. I'm in the noon Monday crowd.

I got this word around 4 PM today. I have a conference call tomorrow (hopefully short), and one Wednesday (2 hours). Thursday is clear, except for all the deadlines I have for the 4 conference calls scheduled for next week. Aaaaiiiieeeee!!!

Will wear shorts and a T-shirt tomorrow, and pack except for the conference call slot. Same on Wednesday. And Thursday. And I may have to come in on Friday (and even the weekend) if I'm not done. Why all the time? Well, I'm a pack-rat at heart, and I've been in the same office space for 13 years. There's a large bookcase, a small one, 2 filing cabinets (one's a lateral), standing files on the desk and computer table, and boxes and stacks of paper on the floor. Then there are the rock samples, fault models, paper models of fossils, and other outreach materials. And the prints and maps on the walls. And, and...

It's a mess, in other words--but it must all be packed by noon Monday.
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