Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Back to the office

Actually, I was back in my office on Tuesday, amid the fresh paint smell and the outgassing carpet. Paint smell was made even fresher when they came in and touched up a few spots as I ate lunch at my desk.

Unpacking, however, didn't make much progress until today, thanks to deadlines and conference calls. Today I culled one more file drawer, making room to rearrange files as I unpack. And I did unpack 4 boxes of books (and did one on Tuesday). Haven't counted, but there's probably only 30 or so to go.

I have picked out a new desk from the catalog of the allowed vendor for such (not GSA, who had 2 options. Period.), and that awaits my supervisor's determination on what account to charge it to before I can order it. Boxes with desk contents will be set aside until the new desk arrives, and in the meantime I'm working out of my laptop case--pencils, pens, mini-stapler, etc. can usually be hunted down in one of the compartments.

I may try to go in over the weekend and do more unpacking, as then I'd be able to put all the boxes in the hall where I could see the labels and load things onto shelves and in drawers logically. And it's an official 3-day weekend (Monday is Columbus Day, Observed) to give me one more shot at actually doing that. On the downside of the 3-day weekend, the following week is the big agricultural show (Sunbelt Expo) where I do an exhibit each year, and I need display materials. One of the cartographers was just moving back into her office today and the other had moved her computer home to work, so they'll be a while getting back into production. However, I left Bonnie with an Excel file with graphs showing the current drought (most of Georgia is in moderate to severe drought right now, so it's a logical focus for the exhibit) and perhaps she'll be able to work on them a little tomorrow. Most of the rest of the display, I hope, can be dug out of the files from the one I did during the 1998-2002 drought.

Dug out during the file-drawer culling: a document of Internet earth science resources from March 1992. No Web, of course. No gopher. Usenet and Bitnet groups, telnet locations, and anonymous FTP sites were most of it...
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