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Housefilk, sort of

I volunteered to host the Atlanta housefilk for October, though I'm a rare attendee at housefilks (a regular at GaFilk, though), and picked the 13th, last night, as the date. And it came off, sort of, except that no filking happened unless you count singing along with I Meant To Do That as it played on my iPod.

Total attendance: 6. Four of us are 'listen only', and the other 2 came fairly late and just joined the conversation. Despite no filking, we did have a nice evening--sitting in the living room alternated with standing around the kitchen island, all while munching on pumpkin muffins, fruit, and brownies, and talking of fannish things. The party broke up around 12:30.

Now, must decide if I should try this again. Was it a bad weekend? Is it because people don't know who I am (I lurk even in face-to-face situations <g>)? Or is it just new-venue issues, and a second time will solve that?

If I were itching to have a happenin' place for housefilks, I'd go to lots more of them at other peoples' houses and (shudder) be lots more social. But I'm not: it's just that I have a good space for a group to gather, I like filk, and GaFiA was having trouble finding spaces for housefilks. Will ponder on this a while before making a decision...



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Oct. 21st, 2007 01:02 am (UTC)
It was a small group, but conversation was lively, & everyone had fun. La Professora pronounced it the best housefilk she's been to in a long time [& you know she's always right ;)].

The question is, did you have a good time? You went to quite a bit of trouble to get things set up so nicely; were the results worth your efforts? If so, you should definitely volunteer to host again. I know I'd be thrilled to show up again.

P. S. Thanks again for hosting!

P. S. S. You could always ask over on the Gafia list or filk if it was a bad night for folks. In spite of the reminders that went out that week, joyeuse13 said she completely forgot about it, but then she certainly has plenty on her mind [among other places] these days.
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