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More cat health woes

Now it's Agatha who's spending the night at the vet's. I got in from work yesterday to find that someone had thrown up rather extensively in the Cat Room (half-digested food in places on the floor, and liquid on much of the counter). But it wasn't apparent who, so I waited. Agatha didn't want dinner but that isn't all that unusual, and neither Fish nor Fred were eating enthusiastically either, so I waited some more.

It was a little before midnight when I heard ominous sounds and got up to see Agatha throwing up. The results were clear fluid but with blood spots, so I hauled her into the vet first thing this morning. After blood work and an exam, the verdict is a hairball--those can irritate the digestive tract enough to get blood like that. Vet administered IV fluids (Agatha has kidney disease and can't be allowed to get dehydrated) and a laxative, but at the end of the day she still wasn't eating and hadn't passed the hairball so she is being kept overnight.

I'll check in the morning, and hope to go get her in the early afternoon, after my 11:30-1:30 conference call. Probably even if she hasn't eaten, because knowing Miss Agatha, she may well refuse to eat as long as she is held in durance vile. (She's the only cat I've ever had who so despises a carrier that she has to be prodded to go back into it at the vet's.)

The Fish report: symptoms of the cystitis have vanished, but the little bottle of antibiotic is showing signs of being bottomless. I keep thinking there's one, maybe two doses left...the last 3 times I've thought this. The success rate at getting the stuff into his mouth and keeping it there still varies--100% this morning, but maybe 50% last night. The spoonful of meat paste he gets afterwards doesn't reduce the fighting, but it does seem to soothe him down.



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Dec. 19th, 2007 05:56 am (UTC)
Oh, my. Neither of my guys have ever had a hairball that bad before, and I hope they never do.

I know exactly what you mean about the antibiotic.

Sending a double set of well cat wishes your way.
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