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Stiff and sore

Yesterday and today I went to Jazzercise, came home, then started gardening. Friday was the biggest effort--I was out there until 2 PM (lost track of time), and exceeded my usual "quota" (33 gallon trash can filled with debris) by a good bit. Today I just finished filling the second trash can. Nonetheless, I'm stiffening up sitting here at the computer. Must take some ibuprofen before bed.

Results: a pretty good swath of liriope and vinca major has been dug up from the front mulched area, beside the property-line shrubbery bed. Still a lot to go, however. I'm going to make a real effort to get this area completely cleared of the stuff, 'cause if I don't it'll grow back before the year's out. Well, almost...


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May. 16th, 2004 04:28 pm (UTC)
eradication of vinca minor???
I guess you have a different purpose for that area. I love myrtle; it's what we have growing around the back door of the cottage. It survives the snow and the lack of light, being on the north side of the house, and gets all the rain rolling off the roof -- no gutters, sandy soil.
I thought of you yesterday while doing my exercises in the pool. Do you have a regular list at your various exeercise classes, or does each class do a different set?

May. 16th, 2004 09:28 pm (UTC)
Re: eradication of vinca minor???
Ah, but this is Vinca major, not Vinca minor. Sprawling, tangly, takes over any area it is near, entwines itself in the shrubs as well. I've seen it work OK in a large bed where it's the only plant, but in these areas where I'm not going to whack it back from the shrubbery several times a year, it's just a weed. Unfortunately, my former neighbor liked it, and planted it in several spots along the lot line.

On the exercise: each Jazzercise instructor puts together their own set, and most seem to do it weekly. If I see the same instructor for the same style class during a week, I'll probably see the same songs/routines in the same order. (There are a couple of different formats--for example, my Tuesday evening class is "circuit", instead of "regular Jazzercise".) But an experienced instructor may change things on the fly, either because something didn't work well the session before ("I noticed I had chasses in 3 songs in a row"), or because of a request, etc.

Jazzercise sends the instructors a new set of routines and music maybe quarterly, and they then start learning them and incorporating them into the classes. Right now, we're a couple of weeks away from the new stuff coming in, so instructors are taking requests and doing old favorites. Each style of class has a required outline, though--a regular class starts with 1 warm-up routine that does isolations for the neck, shoulders, hips, etc.; then several aerobic songs that gradually increase your heart rate and then ease it back down; then muscle toning routines, with or without weights and mostly done on mats on the floor; and then an ending stretching routine. (There will be stretches after each muscle toning routine, too.) The whole thing takes about an hour.
May. 17th, 2004 01:37 am (UTC)
Re: eradication of vinca minor???
Vinca = Evil! Major or minor. Anyone who is trying to eradicate Vinca has my support.

BTW, if it resprouts, water and fertilize, then paint the sprouts with undiluted Roundup, this will kill the sprout and a chunk of root.
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