Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Yes, they can reach me

I've just signed up for the "VIP Lifesaver Reward Program" for my chapter of the Red Cross. Basically it's a commitment to donate a certain amount of blood in 2008--I picked the "gold" level, or 5-6 donations. I like this idea of theirs--not that a (another) T-shirt and pin are a huge incentive, but just making the commitment will probably help me to get in and donate regularly.

The subject line comes from the registration process. They ask for an email so they can reach you about donations, and in fact they have you type it twice not by having 2 fields the way everyone else does, but by having a pop-up after you type it once asking for a repeat, and then blanking what you typed the first time. After I completed the page and hit submit, I got a programming error message and didn't think the form went through. But no fear: the 11 copies of an email thanking me for registering have reassured me.
Tags: donate blood

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