Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Don't think there's any water over there...

There's a crowd at the bird bath--2 robins all plumped up against the 20° (F) cold, and 3 cedar waxwings, plus more robins on the ground. But it appears that the waxwings are hopping around on top of what should be the water, so I think things are frozen solid. I may take a pan of warm water out shortly to (briefly) provide some liquid.

Over at the feeder area it's bluebird city--2 males, 3 females. Plus a wren, the usual collection of house finches, and a downy and a red-bellied woodpecker are trading places on the suet, running off the bluebirds. A dark-eyed junco just appeared to scavenge on the ground.

I noted a female bluebird going in the nest box this morning. Do they use the nest for shelter at this time of year, or are they nesting already? Seems a little early, and I haven't cleaned out the box from last year. I thought I had at least a month or so before I needed to do that...
Tags: birds

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