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WW, week 24

On target at -0.8 pound, for a total loss of 34.2. Slowly and steadily...may not make my half-joking target of reaching my goal weight by my birthday (6/27), but it ought to be close. Then, of course, I'd like to go somewhat under the official goal weight, to have a little bit of a fluctuation zone. WW only gives you 2 pounds, I think, and I'm guessing I can have more week-to-week fluctuation than that, based on the weekly weigh-ins.

I did some shopping this week, trying to get another pair of khakis (fundamental to my work wardrobe), dressy black slacks (fundamental to my "get a little dressed up" wardrobe), and some summer tops. The tops were less important, as the too-big ones can still be worn, if tucked in and pleated a little. But finding what I wanted was no problem--I don't like to shop, but it certainly is more pleasant when you can walk into the Misses section and head for a "middling" size (12), instead of finding the Women's/Plus section tucked in some back corner and looking for 18WP.

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