Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Denver weather

The Training Center staff member who gave the introduction session this morning included a few warnings about watching out for altitude sickness, keeping hydrated, and watching for abrupt weather shifts while in Denver. He threw in that tonight's forecast was for 'chance of scattered snow showers', and that that was Code Red for 'could snow like h*ll'.

The day was pretty, temps dropping some--the high was around 50, I think--but windy as the front moved in. Gary and I hiked the short mile or so to Subway for lunch, past the prairie dog colony with all the curious-but-alert prairie dogs keeping an eye on us and the magpies scolding in nearby trees. Now (9 PM) I can hear the wind still blowing hard, and a quick look shows snow blowing every which way.

(5 minutes later) No snow, still windy. Tomorrow is supposed to be clear, regardless of tonight's precip or lack thereof, but the high will be mid-30's. A lunchtime walk will be less attractive, I'm sure.
Tags: denver, travel, work

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