Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

The name meme

Spotted on rolanni and kristine_smith:

Nancy is the #12 most common female first name

0.669% of females in the US are named Nancy.

Around 819,525 US females are named Nancy!



Barber is the #335 most common last name

0.032% of last names in the US are Barber.

Around 80,000 people have Barber as a last name!


I haven't googled my name in quite a while, but as you'd expect from the above there are many Nancy Barbers mentioned on the Internet, some of whom are me. Add in the middle initial, and mostly you get me.

OK, I couldn't resist, and did google myself. I'm surprised to find 3 of my pubs listed at Amazon, and what an odd 3: one from my days at the Georgia Geologic Survey that I was first author on by dint of being first alphabetically (it's a collection of short papers), one from my Mississippi tenure with USGS, and one from Georgia. The most widely distributed pub I have isn't there (but shows up lots on the basic Google search). Bookfinder has an author page for me, with one pub...different from the Amazon ones, and still not the big one. The oddities of indexing government publications...

Oh, and the Library of Congress simple search turns up 3 pubs, with only one overlapping the above. The big one (which I personally got the LOC cataloging number for) isn't there, though, because the 6 authors kicked it into their "catalog by first author only" rule.

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