Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber


Sunday: 3 loads of laundry. Read the paper (mostly). Read a book (re-read of a Nora Roberts). Listened to part of Busman's Honeymoon on audiobook, while doing kitchen chores. Mailed a BookMooch request at the Post Office, returned about-to-be-due library books, grocery shopped. (Three stores, none of which had my Kashi Good Friends cereal. I shall be Very Annoyed if this has been discontinued, as it's half of my standard breakfast-cereal mix.) Roasted misc. chicken bits before putting into a stockpot, eventually realized the stock wouldn't be done in time to have soup for supper and made a rice noodle/broccoli/leftover pork chop stir fry. Stuffed hairball medicine down all three cats, as one (Fish) started the Hairball Cough. Cleaned out last year's bluebird nest from the birdhouse--it was a nicely packed base of sphagnum moss, presumably raided from an old flower pot (not one of mine, I don't think), and a neat shallow cup of mostly pine straw. Seemed a pity to pull it out, but I gather parasites are a problem in old nest material eventually. All the instructions say to clean 'em once a year, anyway.

Have not caught up on the trust bookkeeping, started taxes, or cleaned the home desk.

And so it goes...
Tags: birds, cooking, life

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