Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Poor Fish! Poor Agatha!

Fish's bad day was his own making. It's the cleaning crew's day, and he has taken to hiding in what was Agatha's secret hiding spot deep in the base cabinet in my bathroom. The little cabinet door on the far left is badly hung, so that it's easy to pop the magnetic latch with a paw. Then one can go to the far right corner behind the extra toilet paper and the basket of cleaning stuff, either under or on top of the little partial shelf, and those intruders with brooms and a vacuum cleaner can't get you.

The cleaning crew knows to leave the cabinet door ajar, but if the cabinet door hits the shower stall door, the resulting opening isn't large enough for a good-sized Fish-cat. And then if you reach out with your claws and drag the little bathroom rug into the opening too, it gets very thoroughly plugged up. Cleaning crew usually comes and goes before noon, so I assume he spent the afternoon in there.

Agatha's bad day was a vet trip. One eye started having some clear discharge Sunday night, and when it persisted I made the appointment to take her in--at 16, she's fragile enough that I like to catch things early. No signs of corneal injury, a small (very small) bump on the edge of the eyelid that we will watch to make sure it's not growing, and no obvious cause for the eye irritation. Rx: eyedrops to be applied 3x/day for a week, and come back if it's not better.
Tags: cats

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