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I have sinned....

OK, it's more that I have violated policy. It seems that while USGS employees are encouraged to raise money for charitable causes, it is not permitted to do this on government premises or during work hours. Exceptions are made for the Combined Federal Campaign, for Katrina relief, and for some third item that escapes me at the moment.

Which means that the letter I posted on the bulletin board of the break room asking if anyone wanted to donate to Komen for the Cure in support of my participating in next Sunday's JazzerThon...was Not Permitted. Neither was the poster placed by a co-worker similarly raising funds for a breast cancer walk-a-thon next summer, and of course the emails I sent to the 6 co-workers who contributed last year (when I posted a similar letter in the same location) should not have been sent.

I suspect that a third co-worker who had been trying to raise money for a charity bike ride event, and who used rather more...broadcast tactics (he sent 'all hands' emails to the local office once, and distribute letters to everyone's desks another time) asked for clarification on the policy after I sent my emails last week, and thus the exact official policy has been determined. My letter and the other co-worker's poster have been removed, and we know not to do it again.

This may be the last year I do the JazzerThon anyway. Support for it is really low at my particular center now, my joints creak a little more each year, and I really don't like fund-raising, so the fun of participating is diminishing. I still think it's a great cause, but I may just stick to personal donations in the future. I've not done much for fund-raising this year beyond hitting up family, the above mentioned work stuff, and asking fellow Jazzercisers. I'll just enjoy the actual event on Sunday (3 hours of aerobics, for those who don't recall my write-ups of some earlier ones), and think hard about it next year before signing up again.


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Feb. 13th, 2008 02:36 pm (UTC)
That's what I thought....but then, when you have a huge bureaucracy, regulations tend to get made in a very conservative fashion. Someone might abuse this, so let's forbid it altogether.

I suspect that as long as the activity stayed low-key and no one made an issue of it, the local Powers That Be just ignored it. After all, I have been doing the JazzerThon for 4 years, putting up my appeal letter eavery time. But if someone actually complained, or if the other co-worker insisted on having the limits of what he could do defined, the official policy had to be noticed and enforced.
Feb. 18th, 2008 08:10 pm (UTC)
You could always post on the list, talking about why you're doing it & donating, with a link to where to donate, if anyone feels like it. Or, just put up a link on the list to a public post over here. That'd get the word out, without being too pushy.
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