Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber


Busy Friday...

Finally get my overdue perm at 9, then stop at the thrift store in search of new-to-me black pants (successful), then home briefly to change clothes and punch down the challah dough rising in the fridge. Off again to Petsmart for cat food, then Weight Watchers, lunch at the newly opened Alcove Coffee & Tea (moved from another location) just down from WW, home again. Quickly off to St. Joseph's medical complex for the annual mammogram. That accomplished, fight the building Friday PM traffic through Spaghetti Junction and around to Northlake to the grocery store. Parking lot cellphone consultation with sister-in-law leads to the purchase of a chuck roast for grilling. Home again, braid challah, marinate chuck roast. Grill the meat, bake the bread, eat both with veggies provided by sister-in-law, in company with sister-in-law and younger niece. Nephew is at friend's for a sleep-over, older niece and my brother at softball practice.

Reflection 1: spring must be approaching. After a brief temperature dip into the 20's and a few snowflakes spotted on Wednesday, we were back to 61 or so today. And there was still enough daylight to read the meat thermometer at the grill at 6:30. And I felt like grilling...and the result was wonderful. We all (well, except the nephew who rarely eats beef of any type) love this barbecued chuck roast recipe.

Reflection 2: on the inefficiency of health care providers. If they make a special call to me 2 days before a scheduled procedure (to my home number, thus requiring me to call back from work the next day), and verify name, address, birth date, doctor, emergency contact, and insurance, and provide me with a 'confirmation number' and tell me I must bring it with me....why don't they ask for the confirmation number? Why have me fill out a form which repeats much of this information, instead of printing it out from their database? I see they've started asking to see and copy a photo ID, too. Insurance fraud by people stealing the card, perhaps?
Tags: cooking, health, mammogram

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