Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Agatha goes back to the vet

Poor old lady Agatha was back at the vet again this morning, this time because she's been snorting and making gakking sounds like her nose is stopped up. But not continuously, and she has not been mouth-breathing, so I let it go on longer than I should have. I really noticed how bad it had gotten when I was at home Monday, but Wednesday is one of the days the good vet is there so I waited.

The tentative diagnosis is a sinus infection. (I didn't know cats could get sinus infections.) I've got tuna-flavored liquid antibiotic to give her every day for a week, and the vet's email to send updates or questions to. She (good vet) had me make a follow-up appointment for next Wednesday, but depending on how things progress, I might not need it. Or might need to go in sooner, if this doesn't seem to work. Vet also noted that on Agatha's last blood work her blood sugar was a little high, so we need to watch for diabetes.

Current status: Agatha is in her usual evening spot here on the desk, under the heat of the lamp. There's a lot of snorting, swallowing, and the occasional gakking fit going on, and I wish I could hold up a tissue like parents do to toddlers and say "Blow your nose, Agatha! Harder!" Unfortunately this doesn't work well with cats. :(
Tags: agatha, cats

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