Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Shopping on Easter

I'm so removed from my Southern Baptist/converted to Episcopalian childhood, I forget how big a holiday Easter is for some. If I'm attuned to any holiday, it's the Jewish ones celebrated by my s-i-l and nieces and nephew. And Pesach is a month off from Easter this year. Bottom line: I got caught off guard. Some things got punted as a result.

Target: all stores closed
Publix: ditto, I think, judging by the big store I drove past
the kosher Kroger was open, yay! Could do the shopping for dinner. (No, no, I don't need a kosher grocery, it's just that this store is close to a large Orthodox synagogue and caters to the community. And the alliteration is nice.)
DSW: open limited hours, found the new cross-trainers I've needed for a couple of weeks
Bed Bath and Beyond was open, but didn't have the item I wanted to get at Target

And I have industriously used up my weekend in projects that didn't further work on the income taxes. Must start trying to make small efforts in the evenings after work and Jazzercise, as I've got a trip to Denver that eats up a full week of the time remaining.
Tags: life

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