Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

And the show goes on....

Well, the exercise class goes on, anyway.

About 2 minutes before 6 this evening, as the instructor for my Jazzercise class was just putting on her mike and getting ready to start class, the power went off. Blinked back on once, then went off again and stayed that way. After some brief investigations, we concluded it was a widespread outage, so not much that we could do to get it fixed. But after a little more pondering, the instructor grabbed her laptop from her car, pulled up iTunes, cranked the sound up as loud as possible, and found her playlist for her set. We opened all the blinds for light, opened the doors for light and air (it was mid-70's today, so when 25 people start exercising in one room with no A/C, things get warm fast), those of us with poorer hearing moved closer to the laptop, and off we went.

We were in the next-to-last song when the power came back on--the instructor just switched to her iPod and the room sound system, and finished up.

Lucky it was Lynette instructing tonight. She's been an instructor for a long time, and nothing much fazes her. And lucky we're now in the era of iPods, as if it had been back with CDs or cassettes, we'd have been SOL.
Tags: jazzercise

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