Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Busy, busy

I thought today was going to be spent running errands, maybe doing a little more clothes shopping, and straightening the house a little--my father is coming in tomorrow, and then we all (he and I, and brother and family from next door) will all fly to Durham, NC Monday afternoon to attend the high-school graduation of my other brother's elder son. But instead...well, back up.

All week at work I've been trying to write on my sections for a report ("Aquifer withdrawals in the United States, 2000"). Various crises intervened, but on Thursday I finally had rough drafts of what I had promised to the other author, but hadn't given her review comments on her stuff, nor had I read over my stuff since slapping it down on paper. (Well, into Word.) So I said I would look at it today at home, after my exercise class. Began this by checking the work email this morning (to see if she had sent me anything new) and found another mini-crisis. Dealt with that by phone and finally started reading. Then had to type all the comments and changes into Word (I can't edit on-screen). At 3:45 I finally could start on the To-Do list.

I did get to the DeKalb Farmer's Market for cat grass (a treat for them since I'll be away a couple of nights), got several stacks of newspaper out of the house and to the recycle bins, bought a new swimsuit (hotel in Durham has a pool, and the nieces will be in it), and then came home in time to help sis-in-law with dinner. Oh, I managed to get the sheets changed on the guest bed with the help of my younger niece and Fish, who feels that sheets are the natural hunting ground for cats. Now I must triage the rest of the To-Do list for what needs to be done before my father arrives.

And tomorrow, instead of tackling more of the To-Do list, I will try to go to the early exercise class, and then will head to my office. For also on Thursday came the note from the office chief saying all offices must be cleaned before next Friday, as we will have Important Visitors the following week. But I'll be on annual leave all next week--and my office is a mess. I'll see what I can do in a few hours tomorrow morning, then probably next weekend, too. We'll come back from Durham Wednesday night, in time to attend the 4-year-old nephew's end-of-Pre-K ceremony Thursday morning.

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