Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Killing time in the Denver airport

Sure like this free WiFi in the Denver airport....

I got here >2 hours ahead of my flight, that being the closest carpool I could hook up with. (Using a commercial shuttle service would be at least that much lead time, and taxis cost a fortune.) So here I sit at one of the laptop counters (convenient power outlets built in), checking email and reading newsgroups. Gee, maybe I'll even get caught up enough to start working on my LJ backlog! Nah, probably not. I'm still 2 weeks behind on piffle and the Bujold list email, though I'm about up to date on my SFF newsgroups.

The week in Denver was fine--database testing was fairly uneventful, though I have a couple of testing tasks I'll need to finish next week. I also need to write up a summary of a meeting we had on what to do about Homeland Security requirements for the database changes that will be in this release--there's a conference call with a couple of senior management types next week, and us worker bee types took advantage of being together in for the test to talk out our preferred strategy for the problem areas. Now we just need to get those approved by those who have the final say. It's all a CYA exercise, of course, because any terrorist who wanted to locate one of the sites of concern ("public water-supply infrastructure") could do that easily with Google Earth or by driving down city streets. However, you won't be able to pull exact lat-longs off our system for them.

Denver weather fluctuated between beautiful and unpleasant. One day was sunny and a high of 50, the next was mixed snow and rain until mid-afternoon, when it cleared off and was beautiful (but colder) again. I do wish I'd joined up with some of the groups who got out and enjoyed the pretty weather (when it was pretty)--I always heard after the fact about the group that played frisbee golf downtown, or the group that drove to Red Rocks after work and hiked a little, and so forth. All I managed for exercise was climbing the stairs of the hotel (6 stories) last night, where I found another person from the test team with the same idea so we climbed up and down and chatted for about 30 minutes.
Tags: travel, work

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