Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Stand back, it's an email landslide

I dabble in Freecycle when I have un-donatable items--I like the concept of keeping things out of the landfill, and it's sometimes amazing the items that someone else will come and haul away for you. However, I have never seen a response like today's.

I offered 10 tickets to ZooAtlanta--they send me some every year when I renew, and these expire at the end of the month. I posted the note to the FreecycleDecatur list this morning, and responses came in all day. In total, 58 separate requesters--just amazing for the little Decatur Freecycle list. The big Atlanta list might do that all the time, but not Decatur.

Of course, I forgot that it's spring break for several of the school systems here, so there are lots of people looking to entertain kids Right Now. When I get my breath back, I may delve into the Drawer of Free Passes and see if I want to offer Atlanta Botanical Garden passes, or High Museum, or Carlos Museum. Probably none of these will match the Zoo for popularity, though...
Tags: freecycle

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