Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber


Twas a very nice, if somewhat small, pifflefest/MiniLoisCon last night. coalboy was passing through Atlanta with her mother after taking mom to visit a friend in Florida. She (coalboy) and I are both on piffle and the Bujold list, lists that have a tradition of members meeting when possible. So I put out the word and got takers from 2 Bujold listees (filkferengi and Dawn Benton) and 1 piffler, Judith Costello. Judith called in the late afternoon to say she had put in 6 hours at the office and was wiped, so was not going to make it. (She's with the Canadian consulate here, and the G-8 summit preparations are fearsome.) But that left 4 of us to gather at coalboy's hotel at 7 PM.

We took over a conversation grouping of furniture off the bar area, and the piffling began. (No list prejudice here--filkferengi and Dawn can piffle with the best of them.) We talked about Bujold, Russian literature, mysteries, re-reading styles, math edutcation, pewtergryphon's party, politics (very briefly!), French literature, dialects in German and French and Spanish (I seem to be the only non-linguist in the group), speaking French with a Georgia accent, bookselling, David W*b*r, bawdy filk, and "listees I have met FTF". Somewhere in there we ordered a pizza from the hotel cafe and had it delivered to our conversation spot (I added a side salad), and we kept going. I got up about 10:30 saying that I needed to get home as my father is visiting, but then coalboy commented on the fit of my pants (loose--I thought I had on the size 12's, but these were the 14's. I hadn't noticed they had gotten really baggy...) and then we discussed diets in general and Weight Watchers in particular. We finally all got up and left around 11:20. Very nice evening all round.

Tomorrow I'm off to Durham for the nephew's graduation, returning Wednesday night. Must go pack soon...

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