Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

OK, so we did get a little more rain

The breezy weather Fay brought us abruptly disappeared this afternoon, as I discovered when I emerged from Target into a humidity bath. I resorted to the car A/C as I drove to the grocery store, and again on the way home.

While still putting up the groceries I got a call from nephew, asking if he could come help make his chosen birthday dessert: strawberry squares. This will be for the family dinner Tuesday night, his actual birthday--some different concoction will be made for the birthday party. (Cake, probably, though he was thinking hard about strawberry shortcake, with hot fudge topping for overkill. Or maybe that was just his other option for the family dinner....) Oh, and I agreed to make barbecued ribs for Tuesday night. Must remember to tell my supervisor I will work from home Tuesday, so I can start the ribs early enough.

Anyway, we started on the strawberry squares with the crumb crust/topping, and while that was baking a fairly hard rain shower started. And then stopped, too quickly, but it was hard enough to penetrate the leaf canopy in my front yard at least a little. As we moved on to the stage of beating the strawberries, sugar, egg white, etc. into a fluffly pink mass, it rained again. (Or maybe it was the second try with the strawberry stuff--for the very first time, I overbeat the egg-white mixture and it deflated into thin pink soup.) Last steps on the strawberry squares were folding in whipped cream, spreading the strawberry mixture over most of the crumbs, and sprinkling the remaining crumbs on top, before sliding it into the freezer where it will keep easily until Tuesday.

The rain total might have been half an inch--I don't have a gage in the yard, but the closest ones I looked at show from a third to over a half inch for the late afternoon, adding to the tenths of inches Fay had given us over the last couple of days.
Tags: cooking, drought

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