Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Well, normally my commute is pretty easy...

After I got to the office, I saw the notice on the GaDOT's traffic site: DeKalb Gridlock Alert for East Side I-285. A little late, after my 10-mile commute took over an hour.

Because normally my commute takes 20 minutes I don't generally check the traffic map, and the radio reports didn't clue me in to how severe it was. When you completely close westbound I-285, all roads in the area get clogged. Seems there was an tractor-trailer rig on fire...

Best thing would have been to work from home for the morning, had I but known. But I was clueless--even the traffic backed up on Lavista going the other way made me think "malfunctioning traffic light?" And by the time I'd gotten that far into the traffic snarl, there probably was no good choice.
Tags: commute, work

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