Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Bought gas--not as easy as you might think

If you've missed the news, Atlanta is still suffering the effects of hurricane-induced gas shortages. Or perhaps consumer-induced gas shortages, depending on who you believe. The truth probably lies in between. Anyway, many stations are still out of gas, the average price here is the highest in the country this week, I think, and stations that do have gas generally have lines. If you're lucky, you find one where the people in the lines are being relatively cordial about it. I'm told there was a policeman at the QT near work this morning breaking up an altercation over who was next.

Anyway, my gas light came on on the way home. I went to Jazzercise, where someone confirmed that all the stations at Northlake were out today, but she thought that QT was managing to keep their stations supplied fairly well. I went home and ate dinner, then set out at 8 PM to try the QT in Tucker, hoping that there would be fewer people trying to buy gas as it was well past the commuter window. That worked pretty well--the station had regular gas only, priced pretty reasonably at $3.979, and though the pumps generally always had someone at them there were usually only one or no cars waiting to pull up. I think this station has 20 pumps--it's pretty big. No limit requested on purchases, not that that would have been a big hassle, as the general limit seems to be 10 gallons and I put in 12-13 most of the time.

So, I'm full, and good for hopefully long enough for this to finish working through. The EPA has relaxed the summer gas requirement a week early, which is supposed to help get more supply for the Atlanta market.
Tags: gas

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