Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Joys of Comcast

I discover that sometime yesterday (I think), Comcast suspended my email account. When I got a representative in their chat-help ("Chelsea"), she promptly restored it, but couldn't tell me why it was suspended. Neither could the chat-person she escalated it to ("Ashley"). Ashley told me I have to call their email abuse department to find out why. Am now on hold with them...and have been for 30 minutes or more. Email abuse? How about customer abuse?

Ah, Just connected. Guy takes my phone, name, and address, and says "this is not a security issue, you have to contact Technical Support." Grrr.....

But he must have put me in the fast lane at Tech Support--the rep picked up almost immediately. However, he sees no reason that the account was suspended, which I find almost worse than being told my account had been hacked or something. Still checking...

And the last word is they have no idea why it happened. "Might have been a glitch in the system, or we might just have made a mistake." I even confessed that I was on a WiFi network (at Sunbelt) with my new iPod Touch, trying to connect to the account, but this guy said that couldn't have done it. Grrrrrrrrr....
Tags: cable, comcast, gripe

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