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Sunbelt, day 3, and a dead laptop

The ag. show is over, after a last day that unusually stayed busy through most of the afternoon. I didn't start packing up stuff until after 3, when the official close is at 4. Some years, I've started packing before 2 because no one was stopping at the booth. Good week overall, but I'm glad it's done.

I was wiped after tearing down the exhibit and hauling 5 loads of stuff to my car, and begged off going to the grocery store and cooking dinner. (Those who tear down early, which is a large majority, pay the price of not being able to bring vehicles into the grounds for easy loading--the smart guys with budgets just slap shipping labels on everything and tell FedEx to pick it up at their booth.) Daddy and I had an OK meal at Applebee's after I'd had a chance to shower and put my feet up for a little while, then I dragged him along as I filled my car with gas and went to WalMart for a round fluorescent lightbulb for the downstairs bathroom here and a replacement FM transmitter for my iPod. Did I mention that the old iPod Photo and its iTrip failed to work on the trip down, so that I had none of my music or audiobooks to while away the trip?

I also tried to check email in that pre-dinner period...but my laptop died in the process. Seems to be a known problem with memory on Powerbook G4s--it froze up and I did a forced power-down, and since then it won't boot and just gives 3 piteous beeps. Which seems to mean "No RAM banks passed memory testing". Must decide if I will try to fix this myself, or wait until Monday and talk to the office about it. As it's a Mac, the computer support folks won't deal with it, so I'll have to find a shop and take it in for the repair myself. Must google to see how hard it will be to try re-seating the memory myself, at least to get one boot and a complete backup over the weekend.

I'll drive back to Atlanta tomorrow morning after Daddy and I tackle another one or two of the items on his to-do list. I'm hoping for a smooth trip with no mechanical breakdowns. I think I'm due...


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