Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Busy Friday

Morning: Started on bills after breakfast: didn't finish. Did a 30 minute Jazzercise DVD then showered. Dealt with some of the morning email. Set off to Weight Watchers to weigh in, as I was too late to make the 11:00 meeing and was meeting drunixbrat at my usual WW time of 12:30.

Afternoon: Drove up to the Forum area and met drunixbrat at a new Flying Biscuit location, where we had a more-leisurely-than-desired lunch (she had to get back to work) and I handed off the ARC of Horizon for her weekend reading. Headed south, swung by a bank ATM for a deposit and withdrawal, stopped at the Chamblee library branch to return 2 books and collect one on hold for me. Headed home to put away the leftovers from lunch and sit down for 15 minutes or so.

At 3, sister-in-law picked me up and we headed across town to younger niece's first diving meet, an invitational held at her school. L. has done gymnastics for a number of years, but had no previous experience in diving before trying out for the team 3 weeks ago. I gather this isn't unusual--the coach just teaches them dives (off the 3-meter board, though they compete at the 1-meter level), and if they can learn the dives and aren't panicked by the high board, they can probably make the team. In this case, the number who met the criteria was less than the max team size, so no one had to be cut.

For this middle-school meet, there were about 30 kids diving--22 girls, something under 10 boys. Some clearly had been at this a while, others were as green as L., and without the advantage her gymnastics gives her. I remain confused as to how many teams were represented, as there didn't seem to be any ranking as teams--at the end, they just announced the individual scores of the students (without mentioning school affiliation), and the top 10 boys and girls all got a little medal. Which means all the boys got a medal. L placed 9th in the girls, so she got one too. A number of Atlanta private schools were represented (nieces attend Westminster, others were Pace, Greater Atlanta Christian, Marist, and I think Lovett) and also, to my delight, was Moss Farms Diving from my hometown of Moultrie. Moss Farms is an oddity--a top-rank diving program in a town of 13,000 deep in south Georgia, without a college program to piggyback on, either. If I'd even thought about them in conjunction with this meet, I'd have assumed it was too far to travel, but I guess to run a program out of Moultrie you have to be willing to travel like that to compete. Incidentally, I see there's a picture of my first-cousin-once-removed on the Moss Farms Gold Team page.

Older niece skipped carpool and met us at the pool, and the three of us were fascinated by the "dive moms" that surrounded us in the bleachers. It's a tiny world, apparently--the moms know each other and their kids from both competitions and workouts. There seems to be one major group for non-school diving in Atlanta which is run out of facilities at Ga. Tech, so any kids who have been diving a while are probably at that program--and so the moms (and a few dads) have bonded.

After the dive meet, we headed back across town in Friday evening rush hour traffic, with rain. (Wow, water falling from the sky! Still a rare occurrence--north Georgia is still deep in drought.) We met my brother and my nephew at Frank Ma South, a new venture of a veteran Chinese restauranteur. Very good food, though not good service, and the restaurant set up is odd. (There's apparently another Chinese restaurant delivery operation, with a different menu, at the same storefront.) I'll go back, but the negatives might outweigh the positives for the folks next door.
Tags: diving, errands, misc

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