Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Thanksgiving prep, cont.

With assistance of nephew, the rice and onion soubise is done, and the duxelles are done and stirred in. The mixture is bagged and in the freezer, ready for transport.

Solo I steamed the yellow squash, mashed it, and it's bagged and frozen. Cranberry relish made previously is also bagged and frozen.

Nephew returned mid-afternoon and we made the whole-wheat angel biscuits. As they baked we played Ticket to Ride--not so much fun with 2 people, but still good. Nephew is into board games right now, which I need to do more to encourage. We played Cartagena the other night along with sister-in-law, and played the Pirates of the Caribbean version of Life last night, also with sister-in-law. This last was their game--mostly the board games are my purchases. Nephew is very anxious to give Carcassone another whiril, so I think we'll take it to Moultrie and make time there to play it, hopefully roping in one or both of the nieces as well.

Back on the biscuits, most were baked to "brown 'n' serve" stage (and bagged and frozen), but we baked 2 samples for quality assurance purposes, and slathered some of the chocolate honey I bought at Denvention on them. Quality is assured....

Sister-in-law provided dinner since I'd been cooking and occupying nephew--shrimp and mixed sausages on the grill. As we chatted after the meal, she asked if there was a way to get some of Aunt Fan's caramels made before her last week of student teaching, because she'd like to use them as part of little thank-you gifts. (I make these caramels every year as part of the Christmas baking, most of which ends up as teacher presents. The caramels develop a following...) Younger niece said "can we do it now?", I thought about the ingredients list and said "probably", and she and I and the nephew trekked back over here and did a batch of vanilla caramels with pecans (had to borrow the pecans from sister-in-law--that was the only place my pantry came up short). We'll cut and wrap those tomorrow, and maybe do a batch of chocolate ones.

That's the bulk of the T'giving prep, I think--still lots of list-making to do, and we still don't know if my older brother's family will make it (rather unlikely). There's some more grocery shopping that's easier to do up here, and then hopefully the shopping list for Moultrie will be short. One significant task did just get added--assuming older brother (the principal pie-maker) doesn't come, I have semi-committed to trying to make his black-bottomed pie. It is not one of those "mix stuff, pour into pie shell" sorts of recipes, to say the least.
Tags: caramels, cooking, thanksgiving

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