Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Lists, lists

Am making lists, checking them twice....for Thanksgiving, that is. I'm not thinking about Hanukkah or Christmas. Maybe I can do some Christmas shopping while at Disneyworld. Maybe I'd better do some Christmas shopping while at Disneyworld, 'cause there won't be much time left when I get back. (The Disneyworld trip is Dec. 6-14--I'm meeting a friend there.)

I squeezed in a blood donation today, though it had to get pushed later because of a conference call. That makes 6 donations this calendar year--best I've done in a long time. Tomorrow has another conference call, start time pushed to 12:30, then I'll see where I am in terms of trip prep. It would be far better to drive tomorrow, then shop and cook on Wednesday...but I'm not feeling like I'll have my act together to leave town tomorrow afternoon. We'll see how this evening's organizing and packing goes.
Tags: blood donation, cooking, thanksgiving

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