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WW, weeks 27 & 28, plus where'd the weekend go?

Huh, looks like I never managed a WW post last week--indicative of my level of productivity all around, I'm afraid. Week 27 was good, down 0.8 pound, for a total loss of 38.6. However, today's weigh-in exactly countered that, with a 0.8 gain. I think. Looking closer, the "today's weight" value and the weekly change don't agree--I suspect the gain was only 0.6, and she did the math in too much of a hurry.

Regardless, it was not a good week, and I don't have an explanation. I'll just keep on with the program and try to not use the flexpoints/exercise points if I can.

Dinner tonight was no help, unfortunately. It's a take-off on something from the newspaper labeled "Broccoli slaw", with changes and additions. I thought, without doing the calculation, that it would be a nice, fairly light, meal, one I could use for lunches as well. Here's the ingredient list:
12 oz. bag of broccoli slaw
3 oz. dried tart cherries
1-1/2 oz. cooked chicken, cubed
1/2 c. light ranch dressing
1 c. cashews
Mix it all up except the cashews, which you add at the last minute.

Nice combination of flavors, and by changing the cole slaw dressing to light ranch and using less of it, I thought it'd work OK as points go. Hah! Making it to serve 4, one serving is 12 points. Yikes! I try to keep lunches to 5 points, dinners 5-7.

The problems are the dressing (still) and the cashews, each of which contribute 5 points. To eat up the rest of this, I'll be cutting the cashews down from the 1/4 c. per serving to 2 or 3 nuts, chopped and sprinkled on top...

As for the other topic in my subject line, it's no big mystery: the weekend was spent gardening. Starting Friday after Jazzercise, I've been weeding, mulching, removing more liriope (variation on weeding), and doing some transplanting. I finally gave up on the impatiens seeds I planted in the front, trying to get a swath of color from the corner, around the hickory tree, to behind one of the azaleas at the old stump--9 seed packets, I think it was, and only about 4 seedlings to be seen. However, there are lots of volunteer impatiens in my back yard, re-seeding themselves from where I planted them last year, plus I raided some more from my brother's flower bed beside his driveway. (He's been cleaning liriope out of that bed this year, and the impatiens apparently were just waiting for a little room. I did tell him I 'd stolen his flowers after I'd done it--as I suspected, he hadn't noticed the plants were there.)

Anyway, as a consequence of all this gardening, my legs and rear are extremely sore. I sense a long soak in a hot bath, coming soon...

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