Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Getting close to Christmas, and Hanukkah is here

I think I'm done with my shopping, mostly. Whoops, forgot the gift certificates for the god-child and his sibs....those can be sent email from Amazon. (adds note to to-do list...) One gift was shipped to Moultrie and will need to be wrapped when I get there--we had a change of plans and will go to my father instead of bringing him up here, as he had out-patient surgery on Friday and can't travel.

So, I'm packing clothes, cooking stuff (sent the rib roast ahead with my brother who left this morning--it will dry-age in the fridge a few days), presents, the bicycle and equipment, board games, etc. I'll work a few hours tomorrow morning, then will hit the road, I hope. Sister-in-law and the kids will go right after younger niece's orthodontist appt. at 9. We shall all converge, put up a tree, do some baking, and celebrate. Brother and sister-in-law will have to leave Christmas night, as they fly out the next day to go visit her parents. I'll stay until Boxing Day, and do the cleanup. And assess how my father is doing with his recovery....

The weather tonight is at least a little like December. With apologies to those of you not enjoying your recent snow, freezing rain, or other winter weather, we'd been having light rain and 70 degrees for the last few days. Today it cleared off and the wind blew, and we'll be down in the 20's overnight. Even Moultrie will be around freezing, but then it looks to warm back up into the high 70's down there for Christmas Day--must pack both a good jacket and some short-sleeved shirts.

Tonight was the first night of Hanukkah, so I went next door to eat latkes and watch the candle-lighting. Sister-in-law will have to haul her Hanukkah box along with the Christmas presents...part of the the mixed marriage challenges on years when Hanukkah overlaps Christmas.
Tags: christmas, family

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