Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Not what we were expecting

I'm still in Moultrie helping my father, who still has a catheter as the result of a Dec. 19th procedure on his prostate. Today we went back to the doctor's office (we thought) to have the catheter removed. Instead the doctor gave us bad news: the pathology report shows cancer, and it's a very aggressive form. (Gleason 9, if you know the scale.) Daddy had prostate cancer 14 years ago which was treated successfully--this looks to be a very different beast.

We're still in the information gathering stage. Tomorrow we'll go out to the hospital so he can have a bone scan done, and at the doctor's office today they drew blood for a PSA. His last PSA wasn't elevated, and if it still isn't that reduces the treatment options. We see the doctor again in 2 weeks to discuss all those results. My older brother the doctor will try to get here for that appointment.

And just to add to the aggravations, the catheter doesn't come out until next week...
Tags: family, prostate cancer
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