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Books read in 2008

First time I've posted one of these, I think. I used to keep a reading log by scribbling the author, title, and (usually) a grade on a calendar the day I finished the book, then last year got most of these entered into a spreadsheet and moved the continuing log to a spiral notebook. Looks like I made a first attempt at a book log in 1996 and abandoned it, then hit on this system in 1999 and have used it since.

Generally these are books read for the first time--I don't record re-reads, unless I forgot that I'd read it before until somewhere in the re-read. Mostly. The other reason for not recording re-reads is that often those are not a full read-through--I go for favorite bits, or a certain scene, or whatever the mood needs. Grades are wholly subjective and, I'm sure, inconsistent. Sometimes a book that is really a "not for me" book will get an A and a note to not read that author again, other times it will be a D and the same note. I'm not enough of a self-analyst to know why. All comments about how I do this are not absolutes, and are subject to change at my whim...

I'm always reading, so the gaps in dates represent re-reads. Fill 'em in by guessing at titles by Bujold, Lee & Miller, Sayers, Nora Roberts, Balogh, and many others--and often the gap means I'm stressed and needing comfort reads, not new stuff.

Now let's see how bad the formatting looks if I just paste 3 columns from the Excel file in here. 119 entries, but note that I put novellas and short stories from anthologies as separate entries.

1/1/08 Briggs, Patricia Dragon Bones A
1/2/08 Pierce, Tamora and Liebe, Timothy White Tiger 1-6 B-
1/2/08 Gilman, Laura Anne "Palimpsest" B-
1/4/08 Quick, Amanda Second Sight C
1/5/08 Miller, Linda Lael The Last Chance Café B-
1/9/08 Howard, Linda Up Close and Dangerous A-
1/10/08 Colwin, Laurie More Home Cooking A+
1/11/08 Polaccio, Patricia Mrs. Katz and Tush A
1/13/08 Bujold, Lois McMaster The Sharing Knife: Passage A
1/15/08 Miller, Linda Lael The Man from Stone Creek B
1/17/08 Hensperger, Beth Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook C
1/17/08 Weisman, Alan The World Without Us B-
1/19/08 Roberts, Nora Blood Brothers B
1/19/08 McCaffrey, Anne and McCaffrey, Todd Dragon Harper D
2/1/08 Butcher, Jim Furies of Calderon B+
2/2/08 Abé, Shana The Smoke Theif B+
2/3/08 Gaffney, Patricia To Have and To Hold C
2/8/08 Lackey, Mercedes Reserved for the Cat B-
2/9/08 Chima, Cinda Williams The Wizard Heir A-
2/25/08 Selznick, Brian The Invention of Hugo Cabret B+
2/26/08 Kelly, Carla Miss Grimsley's Oxford Career C-
2/28/08 McCaffrey, Anne No One Noticed the Cat B
3/1/08 Beverley, Jo Lady Beware B-
3/2/08 DiCamillo, Kate The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane A
3/12/08 Russell, S. Thomas Under Enemy Colors A-
3/13/08 Schlitz, Laura Amy Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village A
3/14/08 Lee, Sharon and Miller, Steve Dragon Tide A
3/15/08 Borchert, Don Free For All: Oddballs, Geeks, and Ganstas in the Public Library B
3/16/08 Allen, Sarah Addison Garden Spells A
3/18/08 Carr, Robyn Just Over the Mountain B+
3/19/08 Carr, Robyn Down By The River B+
3/27/08 Darcy, Claire Cecily C-
3/28/08 Harris, Charlaine Grave Sight A
3/28/08 Harris, Charlaine Grave Surprise A
4/5/08 Robb, J.D. Strangers in Death A-
4/7/08 Russell, Mary Doria Dreamers of the Day B
4/9/08 Harris, Charlaine An Ice Cold Grave A
4/10/08 Balogh, Mary Simply Perfect B+
4/19/08 Simonson, Sheila The Bar Sinister B-
4/20/08 Beverley, Jo "The Dragon and the Virgin Princess" in Dragon Lovers B-
5/2/08 Beverley, Jo A Lady's Secret A+
5/2/08 Brent, Madeleine Stranger at Wildings B
5/9/08 Owens, Robin D. Heart Mate C
5/11/08 Owens, Robin D. Heart Thief C+
5/12/08 Bourne, Joanna The Spymaster's Lady A+
5/17/08 Roberts, Nora The Hollow B-
5/19/08 Moon, Modean From This Day Forward -- SIM 739 C-
5/31/08 Meyer, Stephenie Twilight B
6/4/08 Gracie, Anne The Perfect Waltz B-
6/6/08 Riordan, Rick The Lightning Theif A-
6/7/08 Bishop, Toby Airs Beneath the Moon B
6/7/08 Riordan, Rick The Sea of Monsters B
6/9/08 Riordan, Rick The Titan's Curse B
6/12/08 Riordan, Rick The Battle of the Labyrinth B+
6/14/08 Enrights, Elizabeth The Saturdays B
6/19/08 Sfar, Joan The Rabbi's Cat B
6/20/08 Ingram, Jay The Barmaid's Brain and Other Strange Tales from Science B+
6/22/08 Lee, Elsie The Wicked Guardian A
6/24/08 Lee, Elsie An Eligible Connection A+
6/29/08 Lee, Elsie The Nabob's Widow A
7/1/08 Taubes, Gary Good Calories, Bad Calories A-
7/6/08 Ursu, Anne The Shadow Thieves B
7/11/08 Lee, Elsie Second Season B-
7/18/08 Ketchum, Richard M. Saratoga: Turning Point of America's Revolutionary War A
8/1/08 Riordan, Rick Big Red Tequila C-
8/2/08 Swendson, Shanna Enchanted, Inc. B-
8/3/08 McCaffrey, Anne "Ever the Twain" in A Gift of Dragons C
8/5/08 Swendson, Shanna Once Upon Stilettos B-
8/12/08 Flewelling, Lynn Shadows Return A-
8/14/08 Owens, Robin D. Heart Duel B-
8/15/08 Owens, Robin D. Heart Choice B-
8/16/08 Welch, Ronald Captain of Foot B
8/27/08 Lowell, Elizabeth Blue Smoke and Murder B+
8/31/08 Prineas, Sarah The Magic Thief Book One B+
9/1/08 Scalzi, John Old Man's War A
9/16/08 Metzger, Barbara Lord Heartless D
9/9/08 Lee, Rachel "A Soldier for All Seasons" in Holiday Heroes, Sil Rom Suspense 1487 B-
9/9/08 Mann, Catherine "Christmas at His Command" in Holiday Heroes, Sil Rom Suspense 1487 C
9/12/08 Lee, Rachel "I'll Be Home" in A Soldier's Christmas C+
9/13/08 Lee, Rachel "The Dream Marine" in The Heart's Command C
9/13/08 Lovelace, Merline "Undercover Operation" in The Heart's Command C
9/17/08 Lee, Rachel A Soldier's Homecoming C
9/20/08 Scalzi, John The Ghost Bridages A
9/21/08 Lee, Rachel The Catch of Conard County C-
9/24/08 Feehan, Christine Turbulent Sea B-
9/25/08 Andrews, Mary Kay Deep Dish C
9/28/08 McKenna, Lindsay "To Love and Protect" in The Heart's Command D
9/28/08 Lovelace, Merline "A Bridge for Christmas" in A Soldier's Christmas B
9/30/08 Mann, Catherine "The Wingman's Angel" in A Soldier's Christmas C+
10/2/08 Feehan, Christine Lair of the Lion C-
10/3/08 Farmer, Nancy The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm A
10/5/08 Bujold, Lois McMaster The Sharing Knife: Horizon A+
10/11/08 Alexie, Sherman The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian A
10/15/08 Lackey, Mercedes Foundation B
10/17/08 Feehan, Christine Dark Curse B
10/19/08 Roberts, Nora Tribute B+
10/20/08 Thomas, Sherry Delicious B
10/28/08 Durgin, Doranna Hidden Steel B
10/31/08 Zelazny, Roger A Night in the Lonesome October B+
11/3/08 Mallery, Susan Sweet Talk C
11/7/08 Bird, Jessica Leaping Hearts C
11/9/08 Stein, Garth The Art of Racing in the Rain A
11/15/08 Picoult, Jody My Sister's Keeper A
11/17/08 Feehan, Christine Wild Rain C
11/18/08 Roberts, Nora The Return of Rafe MacKade (SIM 631) B-
11/20/08 Shinn, Sharon Fortune and Fate A-
11/25/08 McKinley, Robin Chalice A-
11/30/08 Roberts, Nora The Pride of Jared MacKade (SSE 1000) B-
11/30/08 Roberts, Nora The Heart of Devin MacKade (SIM 697) B-
11/30/08 Roberts, Nora The Fall of Shane MacKade (SSE 1022) B
12/1/08 Mallery, Susan Sweet Spot B-
12/2/08 Breathed, Berkeley Pete & Pickles A
12/3/08 Hornby, Nick Slam C-
12/3/08 Mallery, Susan Sweet Trouble C-
12/17/08 Lee, Sharon and Miller, Steve "Shadow Partner" in Eidolon (chapbook) A
12/17/08 Lee, Sharon and Miller, Steve "Persistence" in Eidolon (chapbook) A
12/19/08 Owens, Robin D. Heart Quest B-
12/23/08 Owens, Robin D. Heart Dance B-
12/24/08 Gray, Nicholas Stuart Grimbold's Other World B


Jan. 2nd, 2009 04:20 am (UTC)
I too am surprised that we only have 6 books in common, & 3 of them you lent me! Looking for Prior Betrothal also, if I find it, I'll lend.


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