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Where is she now?

Gee, it's been a week since I posted...I'm shocked. Things remain rather upside-down-ish.

I drove back to Moultrie today after an extended weekend in Atlanta--I went home Friday afternoon when younger brother was well on his way to swap places. He stayed until today (he'd initially planned to come home Sunday or Monday) as Daddy didn't feel comfortable spending the night alone. Tomorrow is the appointment with the urologist to talk about options for treating the cancer, and older brother the doctor will be here in time to go with us. He (older brother) had to see patients today, so is catching a flight that will get him to Atlanta about now (9 PM) and then rent a car and drive down.

My weekend in Atlanta had lots of cat-snuggling time (but I'm still In Disgrace for leaving them repeatedly), only one Jazzercise session, lots of errands, some reduction of the accumulated home paperwork (but no work on the taxes--guess I'll have to make the January estimated payment just to be sure), a brief fit of nesting manifested as cookie-baking (Jay Lake's ginger chocolate chip cookies as spotted on kristine_smith's LJ), some visiting time with sister-in-law and the kids including playing Can't Stop which just arrived from Thought Hammer, and a MiniLoisCon with mbernardi, filkferengi and spouse, ann_mcn, Dawn and her mom, and Matt. mbernardi was on this side of the pond for GaFilk, which I passed on in favor of all the aforementioned activities plus some good alone-time needed for this introvert's sanity.

I did make it to the office for almost a full day yesterday (left an hour early to do Jazzercise before the MiniLoisCon), and 3 hours today for a conference call. I also agreed to come in on Friday morning for a local database management meeting--I'm driving back to Atlanta Thursday as older brother will be here through Sunday, and given how little time I'm managing to put in, I think sacrificing part of my Fridays Off is OK.

Before I go I hope we can have a discussion about what help Daddy needs after Sunday and how to get it for him. The cancer treatment decisions will affect the "what help is needed", too, of course.


Jan. 20th, 2009 08:28 pm (UTC)
I'm in town until the 29th & then back late on Feb. 4. Let me know if I can help.

Could you use some credits over on paperbackswap?
Jan. 21st, 2009 04:54 am (UTC)
Could you use some credits over on paperbackswap?

I'll never turn down credits, but I'm actually in pretty good shape at the moment with more than 50. Not enough to cover everything in my wish list, but then my wish list items tend to be very slow-moving and/or high-demand stuff, and so far I've never failed to have a credit when I really wanted one. So far!

I accumulate points much faster at BookMooch with the international trades, but then can't land many of the things I'm looking for.


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