Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Nice Friday

Started out with Jazzercise, intending to skip the weight work. (I do this often when I've done the late Thursday class, and then go Friday morning.) The instructor must have sensed this, as she managed close to 45 minutes of aerobics work before going to the weights.

Went home and hit the garden, and went back to digging up liriope and greenbriar. I am now in a patch with vinca major and English ivy mixed in. But progress is being made--I've cleared most of the long swath of liriope that was in front of the crawlspace access, and am now out at the border of the mulch area and the strip of lawn at the street. Next task in this location: reduce said border from the 3-to-4 foot width it has become as the liriope spread to the approximately 6 inches I'd like it to be.

After lunch and a shower, my nieces came over and we made gyozas. We'd done this recipe once before, and the younger niece especially enjoyed both the process and the result. When I bought the gyoza wrappers at the Ranch 99 market yesterday, I also grabbed some pre-made steamed buns (mushroom and chicken flavor), pork gyozas, and beef shu mai. (Interestingly, all the dumpling and bun options with meat fillings seemed to involve lots of soy protein. "Shrimp" ones were mostly surimi. Don't know if this is the standard for Chinese products, or just the market that Ranch 99 serves... There might also have been different options among those offerings not labeled with any English.) So dinner was 2 sorts of gyoza, chicken buns, shu mai, and (delivered by Golden Buddha) egg rolls, pork lo mein (for the nephew, who doesn't eat much else in the Chinese way), and Peking ribs. Mostly a success: only the steamed buns were a flop--we threw them away after a few bites.

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