Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
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Spice meme

Gacked from mmegaera, who got it from nishatalitha.

This is Bujold list denizen James Bryant's set of spices he gives as a wedding present. James is the one who is known for his curry parties whenever there's a good gathering of listees--the curry chef's slant is obvious.

I've bolded what I have, italicized ones I've never heard of, and left plain ones I know of and either have never used or am out of. Stuff I have that's not already on the list is at the bottom after a gap. My notes are in [brackets].

Allspice seeds [I only have ground]
Asafoetida [I've only heard of this as a medicinal]
Baking Powder
Bay Leaves
Bicarbonate of Soda
Cardamom Seeds
Cardamom powder
Caraway Seed
Celery seed
Chilles [I do have red pepper flakes...]
Chili Powder (blend - not ground chilles [that's Cayenne])
Chives [in the garden...though I need to plant more]
Cloves (ground)
Cloves (whole)
Coriander (ground)
Coriander (whole)
Cream of tartar
Cumin (ground)
Cumin seed
Curry (Vencatachellums - Sharwood's Mild Madras) [not that brand, but I do have a red and a yellow curry powder]
Curry Leaves
Dill [hate it, so I don't keep it]
Fennel Seed
Chinese Five spices
Garam masala
Ginger (ground)
Herbes de Provence (MUST contain lavender)
Mace (ground)
Mango powder (Amchoor)
Mustard (ground)
Mustard seeds
Nutmeg (whole & ground together)
Onion seeds (Kaloni) [I think James has a typo, and this is kalonji, or nigella sativa. My jar is labelled charnushka...bought as an experiment, haven't done anything with it yet.]
Orange zest
Parsley [garden only, or I buy it fresh]
Peppercorns - black
Peppercorns - green
Peppercorns - white [I only have ground]
Poppy seed
Sambar powder
Sesame seeds
Tamarind Paste
Vanilla (pods in castor sugar) [I have pods, vanilla sugar, and extract]

chipotle, ground
cinnamon sticks
garlic, granulated
onion powder
paprika, smoked Spanish
star anise
   fines herbes
   Italian seasoning
   Greek seasoning
   lemon pepper
   poultry seasoning [I seem to have 3 little jars of this at the moment. I do have a favorite recipe that uses a lot of it....]

In the garden, in addition to notes above:
lemon balm
a tarragon substitute, as I've never been able to raise French tarragon
basil, in season
lemon grass, in season--mostly for the cats

I'm one of those who keeps some spices way too long, so not everything marked as being in my kitchen is really fit to use. Maybe that's obvious from the list...
Tags: cooking

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