Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Sad to see a mind going....

.....especially when it's your own.

Yesterday morning I called the vet's office to set up an appointment for Agatha--there's no change in her condition, but Dr. Dunn wanted to see her in 3 months to see how the blood pressure, kidneys, and assorted other ailing bits are doing. I got the first-thing, 9:00 Sunday morning slot that works well at this vet office, and then grabbed my working page of notes/to-do items/shopping lists to scratch off the one that said "make appointment for Agatha". And noticed up in the corner of that piece of paper, in my handwriting, "Sun. 9:40".

I have no idea what that note is for. After thinking about it for a day and a half, I still have no possibilities. Looks like an appointment time, if a slightly odd one...but vet appointments are about the only ones I ever set up for Sundays. I guess it could be P.M...but that doesn't help either. And it doesn't have to be for this Sunday really.

I'm ignoring it for now. I'll take Agatha to the vet, and if someone calls me at 9:40 and says "where are you?!".....I'll apologize.
Tags: life, memory

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