Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Denver, with snow. No snow. Snow. No snow.

I'm in Denver for the first of the two annual database tests. I arrived on Sunday to a beautiful clear day, with temps that let me not quite abandon the jacket, but at least leave it open. Flying in there had been some snow cover left over from their blizzard last week, but pavements were mostly clear and grassy areas were getting that way.

When my carpool group emerged from the hotel yesterday, it was into cold and gray (OK, the sun wasn't up yet, but anyway), with some sort of freezing precip blowing into our faces and a couple of inches accumulated on the cars and grass. Looked like pelletized snow, in sleet-sized particles. Uncomfortable, whatever it's called. That cleared up in time for me to make a chilly hike at lunch to Subway (food + some exercise). By the evening lots of the grass was clear of snow again, aided by the drying effect of the brisk wind.

Today is supposed to be clear, high of 45 F. Tomorrow, more snow in the afternoon, maybe another couple of inches. Thursday, clear again (and I fly out that morning, so I'd like that snow cleared in time for the trip to the airport, and clear conditions to fly please....).
Tags: denver, travel, work

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