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Dealing with details

A day of details....

Started with a bike ride, coming in dripping from the 80-degree, who-know-what humidity level as I didn't get started until 9 am. Younger brother went out at 10 (and went further, as he rides regularly for exercise). I told him to just think of it as a sauna.

Kept trying to get the organist to confirm that he can do the two 'interlude' pieces, as those get listed in the 'in memory' leaflet which we would be proofing at the funeral home--never got him, but listed them anyway. "For all the saints" (Vaughn Williams) is certainly in his repertoire, and an organ arrangement of "How lovely is thy dwelling place" from Brahms' German Requiem probably is as well.

Started my oldest nephew (my older brother's elder son) on the project to assemble and scan photos and other memorabilia for a display board at visitation.

Wrote out notes for a soup/sandwich meal for after visitation, for all family and out of town guests who want to come by the house.

Made lentil soup for said meal.

Went with my brothers and older brother's 2 sons to the funeral home to do the paperwork and view the body. Funeral director suggests, in light of the 100+ degree weather forecast, that we dispense with the graveside program and conclude the service at the church: we gratefully concur. Met Beatrice, long-time family support, who cannot be at the actual visitation because she is going to a family reunion and who really wanted to see him. After Beatrice left and the funeral home staff were out of the room, we all agreed that no, it doesn't look like him at all....

Met with the lawyer to talk about probate, older brother resigned as an executor (younger brother and I live next door to each other, he lives out of state--lots of things must be signed by all executors), asked some detail questions about paying bills right now, getting the estate started, tax issues, and did some reminiscing. Lawyer also can't be at funeral. Summer weekends will always find a lot of people out of town, I guess. We have an appointment with the probate judge tomorrow.

Back to house, check on both of my sisters-in-law who were by then in route, depart for The Barbecue Pit for dinner. Grocery store run on the way home, then back to the photo project, as various of us try to remember where particular photos might be. (Mother and Daddy's wedding shots. Both brothers' weddings. Pictures from childhood, from WWII, recent shots (where's the digital file?!), older ones. Nephew has plenty to keep him busy. Oh, throw in a few news clippings and article headlines to scan, too. And a flower shot, a token of the life-long hobby.) Both sisters-in-law arrive, younger one with the nieces and youngest of my nephews.

More details to be dealt with tomorrow, more relatives will arrive, then the visitation.


Jun. 21st, 2009 12:10 am (UTC)
I love _How Lovely_ as well as what I had played for Mom. Glad you chose that. Do you have a recording with text?
Jun. 21st, 2009 02:19 am (UTC)
I sang the Requiem back in my high school or college days (back when I still sang in public) and have always loved it. My older brother suggested How Lovely for the service and I immediately concurred.

Do you have a recording with text?

I have a complete Requiem or maybe two, in German. I've thought about looking for one in English if I can find a recommendation for a good translation.
Jun. 21st, 2009 06:45 pm (UTC)
There's only one still in print, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but I've forgotten who was conducting. I think it was the Atlanta conductor, name forgotten, not Robert Shaw but Shaw's then-new reworking. Unfortunately my copy is in winter quarters. There are a few spots where I don't care for the translation, but only because it is different from my Schirmer (I think) edition that I sang in high school and college. Not a German speaker, can't comment on the accuracy.


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