Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

I'd better buckle down

Last week I finally started feeling like I was back in my routine, getting organized for all the various tasks that I'm supposed to be working on, and beginning to make progress. Which is good, because the 2005 water-use compilation still isn't done, and here it is mid-2009. (OK, the 2000 report didn't come out until 2004, but it was early 2004.) I'm supposed to be shepherding the entire 2005 effort, but Joan, another member of the national team, is the lead on the actual report and will be first author.

So, I was starting to make progress, did I say? And then yesterday Joan sent an email to say her father had died, of heart failure. At least I had a couple of months of mental preparation...although her father was 90, I don't think this was expected. The upshot is that she will have other priorities for a while and her schedule will be erratic. I'm tackling several of her tasks, trying to get the report off for final approval before my Chicago trip week after next.

But then I have 2 project reviews to attend this week (only one of 'em mine), a conference call, lots of work on the agenda and materials for Chicago as the committee chair is new this year and not skilled at putting together a meeting, a long deferred review of a database tool that will have to be done via a chat client, a database cleanup task that has to be completed soon, and some Web page work I'm in the middle of. And unfortunately most of this can't I'm thinking the report revision for Joan is going to have to happen over the weekend, or maybe over a couple of evenings. We'll see how it all goes...
Tags: work

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