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Welcome home, sort of

My flight home was uneventful--I drowsed most of it while listening to Komarr on audiobook, a book I know so well it doesn't matter if I actually sleep through some parts. The interesting incident was before the flight when I was pulled out of the boarding line for extra screening by 3 TSA employees. I haven't even seen extra screening going on in several years. They searched my large over-the-shoulder bag, had me remove the cap from my water bottle (carried empty through x-ray, filled at a concourse water fountain) so they could wave a test strip over it, then thanked me and let me board. The rolling laptop case was ignored. I feel so much safer for this experience...

Anyway, sister-in-law graciously picked me up at the airport and whisked me home. I greeted the affection-starved cats, then went and bought milk before dosing myself with cold medicine and going early to bed. This morning, when I reached for that milk to add to my coffee cup, I found the fridge was at 70 degrees (F). Freezer was at 7. The settings are for 0 and 37. I tried playing with the controls, pushed the doors firmly closed, that sort of thing, then moved the frozen ice cream maker insert to the fridge to try to help keep some cool. Of course I could locate the owner's manual for every appliance replaced in the 2006 kitchen renovation except the fridge. It was time for my hair appointment, so I left.

On return, the fridge was at about 54, but the freezer was 12. I began calling repair places: Sears can come next Wednesday. The Appliance Doctor doesn't even answer the phone on weekends. GE Appliance Service can come Monday--I made that appointment, then kept calling. Finally got what appears to be a one-man operation who will try to get here today ("or tomorrow for sure!"). Meanwhile, the fridge is now almost at the setting of 37. The freezer is at 11. I guess I need to have a repair person look at it no matter what, even if the freezer should start getting to an acceptable temp.



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Aug. 8th, 2009 08:24 pm (UTC)
E-mail me; I've got a group I use -- I -THINK- they'll come out to you, but I'll have to carbon Yin on your e-mail so she can give you the number off our fridge.

(I'm in London or I'd tell you straight off. :)
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